“Recognizing, Showcasing and Nurturing The Dancers and Choreographers of Toronto”

Jan 24th 2011 Nikki Johnson decided to create a blog to Recognize and Showcase Dancers in her community. She thought of the word TDOT a commonly used term by the new generation referring to the city of Toronto. From there she developed the acronym T.D.O.T. The Dancers of Toronto. Having had the Pleasure and Opportunity to work with and know some Amazing and Talented Dancers and Choreographers she felt the need to profile them. Really having a mission to profile Dancers in Toronto she felt the blog wasn’t just for Dancers and Choreographers she worked with but also for the ones she didn't who she felt deserved to be recognized just the same. She began to reach out to the Dance community and the response was amazing. Through the increasing number of Dancers and Choreographers in the T.D.O.T. network as well as Nikki's experience working in the field of Dance, Music, Fashion, Promotions and Fitness the blog started to become an online resource for Dancers in Toronto. After a few short months of having the blog Nikki found herself being contacted to book Dancers for jobs and teach classes. The blog started to create opportunities Nikki could have never imagined. Taking note of the doors that were opening she worked for 3 months on an Application that would give her the means and training to start her own business. Her hard work and determination got her accepted into the 10 week program where she trained intensively at the Toronto Business Development Centre. Nikki is currently working towards growing and expanding T.D.O.T.’s services ranging from artistically directing and booking professional experienced Dancers and Choreographers for small to large scale events, promotions and more. Creating Dance workshops and Training programs across Canada and in Australia where she works closely with her longtime friend Ashanti Suryiam and her Dance Company Realise Energise Dance (R.E.D). She is looking to create fitness programs based around Dance, Pilates, proper health, conditioning and nutrition for professional, recreational and Non Dancers. Last updated 2.23.12

“Dance is my Passion one of my first Loves and I will FOREVER be involved in it some way or another.” ~Nikki Johnson

Contact Nikki Johnson for more information on services and pricing.

p. 416.906.5663
e. info@thedancersoftoronto.com