The entire Cast of the 5th Element at Fringe 2011

I had the pleasure of attending the Finale show for Catalyst "The 5th Element" at the 2011 FRINGE FESTIVAL. NOW I've watched these amazing Dancers perform before but what they brought to the stage on the closing night is something I will never forget. As Dancers and lovers of Dance I'm sure we can agree when you watch a performance you can tell who's a Dancer and who just Dances!! To me a DANCER has the ability to move emotions in their audience whether it bring them to tears or to their feet.  This Cast of Dancers brought their passion and technique to the stage emulating the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Performing in a variety of styles from African and House to Hip Hop and Contemporary.....

The contrast of the casts different disciplines were displayed in each piece through each movement.  Yet this diverse group of dancers moved so in sync while continuing to maintain their individual uniqueness. To me this is what sets them apart from other dancers and  showcases. 

Here is a snippet from the shows Earth section... Yes that's T.D.O.T.'s #7 shout out Shavar

Sold out Show....

I look forward to many more shows from Catalyst. Check out their blog and keep up to date 

xo Miss Nikki